Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Origins of a Dream

It started in High School... I went to Astronomy club where I sat quietly and listened to the stories in the planetarium (we had a legit planetarium in the school). One that stuck out to me on a personal level was the Red Giant star and the symbolism of it. A particular story is that of Antares; the star which ensures Growth, Evolution, and Change. My passion, since I was about 13, is the economy and the sustainable development of humanity. At a young age I became a voracious reader of philosophy and history, I started writing poetry at 11, and I was virtually raised in a museum. My father and grandparents are artists. My grandfather was friends with E. E. Cummings; he even wrote a poem about my grandfather that is published in his book "95 poems."  My grandmother was friends with Eleanor Roosevelt; they would meet for 'tea and theater." Eleanor bought three of her paintings and are hanging in one of her estates to this day. It is a lion series about love and family. Art to me is a part of my being, it is what makes each human unique, and I extend my perception of art to my business as well. This business to me is a masterpiece in the works, and will be an infinite creation, one that speaks to the very nature of our humanity. Where else to find our nature than in stories written in the stars? That has been the go-to for ages, and to this day the stars continue to connect us with ourselves in a profound way. This is just a seed... And like so, we plant seeds every day, we watch them grow, evolve, change... But we also ensure sustainability... We want our stories to carry on, live forever. Stars however do not live forever.. And if a star were to die, it can fizzle out or supernova. Red Giants are expected to supernova, but they can also fizzle out if they haven't gained enough mass. A supernova is responsible for the birth of new stars due to the power of the event, and they are also the largest event in the universe we can experience under the night sky. The Red Giant Union will not fizzle out, because humanity is always about the "masses" and that is what we do, we unite the masses for causes that are bigger than all of us, ones that ensure growth, evolution, and change, and the events of which will inspire new stars to rise.

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