Sunday, September 11, 2016

Value Added

When we talk about adding value to society, we are not talking about adding jobs (that is a result of adding value). "The means employed determine the nature of the ends," Aldous Huxley. We are analyzing and building the mechanisms that push society forward, keep people growing, improving in health, learning, and above all, keep people united to leverage the value each one of us has to add.

Personally, I've strayed away from politics - it is a mess.
Secondly, politics is not related to our need for food. Farmers should appeal to everyone. Any argument related to issues that farmers are facing within the economy or between the corporations that "run the show" necessitates a different approach to solve the problem (especially if small government is your ideal). The invisible hand of the free market is nothing more than our choices and reactions to the ethics of production. Is that not a governing force, intrinsically? We hear more about how taxes need to pay for food/health support services than we do about why we need those services. It is a collective problem we must face. The movement is sparking, the fuse is almost lit; we are witnessing the inevitable. Urban farms and other co-operative startups are becoming "a thing," slowly. How can we make it go faster? Where does the momentum originate from? I believe it is the empowerment of individuals. We create initiatives for ourselves, set higher standards, and share what we believe will solve our problems. We are not afraid of big opportunities - nothing is bigger than life itself.

The value added to society the value we receive for how much we feel we are worth.

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