Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving Harvest

A few months ago, we told you the story about Oakland High School's agriculture program and the Tower Garden donation they received from Red Giant Union.

The story continues. I woke up this morning to an incredible email from James Koval,

"Hey Austin,

We are having our school's Thanksgiving lunch today and harvested most of the tower for a giant salad. Thank you so much for this incredible gift. It has generated lots of interest with everyone that sees it. I am amazed by that tower. Definitely produced more and faster than I expected!"

What I personally love is what the community accomplished by donating to our organization. Your dollar adds up - when we come together, we make extraordinary things possible. 
Oakland High School got a Tower Garden because of supporters like you. 
We are thankful for YOU this Thanksgiving.

"Thanks Austin Kasso and Red Giant Union - Public Charity for giving us the opportunity to GROW our own Thanksgiving salad in about four square feet of space, inside, and in less than two months. Everyone, go get yourself a Tower Garden!" 
- James Koval
Social Studies Teacher at Oakland High School

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