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Join Facebook Event: Tower Farms Campaign

“For us in these times, to even have hope is too abstract, too detached, too spectatorial. Instead we must be a hope, a participant and a force for good as we face this catastrophe.” - Cornel West

This is a Worldwide, Online, Non-Profit Campaign to gather support for a fundraiser launching New Years. The event is sponsored by Red Giant Union which is a public charity invested in local food systems. 

Our Goal is to build a not-for-profit Tower Farm

Listen to the waterfall-like trickle of vertical aeroponic towers growing bounties of fresh chemical-free veggies and herbs while eating and/or studying. Live music, too. The Lafayette, IN community will have a place to enjoy Tower-to-Table salads, juices, and kombucha. The Tower Farm will also be a spotlight for urban agriculture education and the movement as it grows around the country. There is potential for a summer camp for kids (vertical farming and food/cooking). Ultimately, revenue from healthy eating and holistic grassroots empowerment will build our local food infrastructure!

Our project is environmentally conscious insofar as we are farming with 90% less water on 90% less land, while producing 30% greater yield in 25% less time - all with no soil and no chemicals! 

Wondering where this may be located? The Bison Building across from the Bus Depot in Lafayette, IN is available for us. We've measured it out and determined that's the best location. Accessible to the entire community!

Why this campaign? Because we don't want corporations taking control of our food. This is our opportunity for the community to build this vision.

Revenue from this farm will assist in the building of local food systems. Further development will fund a network of not-for-profit farms serving the same function worldwide. 

Campaign Hosts
Promoters of Fundraiser launching Jan 2, 2017

Austin Kasso (Founder, Executive Director) @ RGU

Josh Kinzler (Vice Executive Director) @ RGU
Benjamin Yin (CA Chapter Director) @ RGU
Sankalp Prakash (President of R&D) @ RGU
Mars Diaz (Volunteer Recruiting) @ RGU

Randy Julian (Promoter) @ RGU
Trevor Thomas (Promoter) @ RGU

Jennifer Kalled @ Kalled Jewelry Studio
Stacy Bogan @ Paint Party Ivan Stoikov @ Saved By a Book
Matalyn Aldridge @ Dj MERKs
Casey Ross @ Catalyst Repertory
Tenecia Waddell @ RiseUp - Empowerment Movement
Scott McKay @ Indiana Hemp Industries Association
Fjorida Panxhi @ 4outof7-food-gardening-housing-and-thriving
Anxhela Panxhi @ 

Titus M. Hanna @ Heirloom Lafayette
Amy Greeson @ Healing Seekers
Train Scholar @ TMIradio

Brandon Reed @ 50SixFeet
Antonio Saillant @ Green360 Rock It Green
Jason Liebman @ Liebsmedia

Maddie Turkupolis @ Purdue University - Horticulture
Carmen Octavio @ Purdue University

Jessica Ingram
Samantha Ann
Dustin French
Noah Shoaf

Jayson Wolf
Abba Ras Anabena Tafari

Nicholas Williams
Christopher Lehman
Candice Henderson
Aerial Jelley
Crystal Parker
John Kuba
Ryan Terry

Chelsey Walters
Christopher Benitez
Brent Watson
Brett Hall
Patrick Antione Gibson
Kirsten Oxbury
Wilma Gregory
Erica Eades
Sierra Hutchens
Victoria Fierek
Andrew Michael Samis
Jeff Gillem
Brady Compton
Eliana Maharani
Dan Jongsma
Seamus Lavignette
Trevor Thomas
Mir Hamza Mahmood
Joseph Garza
Dawn Elizabeth Boyd
Teflon Von
Scott Flyn
Jeneca Holland
Susan Long
Codie Rodgers
Lux Kasso
Charlie Arnold
Veronica Quitalo
Chantal Ross
Deena Matthews
Jen McGrath
Justin Ha
Adam Hodges
Joseph Spivey
Colby Kennedy
Alec Gerard Horngren
(Updated 12/5/2016)

This is our movement. 

We'd like you to be a part of it. If you're willing, we need volunteer hosts for one simple task that only takes a few minutes. If you do accept this task, I will feature your name (and website) as a campaign host (listed above). Sponsorship opportunities also available.

By making healthy food more accessible, the urban farming movement is literally changing the way people eat.

With Tower Farms, we’ll build upon the legacy that founder Tim Blank and the Future Growing team started, helping communities, entrepreneurs, and agents of social change everywhere grow food easily and sustainably.

Because real food shouldn’t be a luxury enjoyed by few. It should be available to us all.

And since Tower Garden can grow fresh produce virtually anywhere — from rooftops to warehouses — it’s perfectly suited for the job of supplying more people with quality food. (Other perks like faster growth, bigger yields, greater sustainability, and less labor don’t hurt, either!)

Want to Help Change the Future of Food?

We’ll be sharing more information about Tower Farms soon. 

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